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  Hans Field


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We still have some copies of the Klinik Clown CD available for 6€

Special Offer for 2018

For artists creating Demo Disks

We at Chateau Neuf are offerering the chance of Single Musicians to record with us. CUrrently on offer is a couple of days recording and mastering, plus the production of small run Demo CD's from €350 Euros complete.

Prices as follows (Up to 10 tracks):

2 days recording and Mastering to 50 CD's €350.00

2 days recording and Mastering to 100 CD's €450,00

each additional person €50

per 100 additional CD's €100 (even after the session as Masters are Kept indefinately)

We aim to keep it simple.

Latest News

Christmas For Cancer New Charity CD

Durch Groupfunding haben wir einen neuen CD für Weihnachten 2016 produziert.  Eine Chor von 20, einige sind krebsbetroffen, Sänger sind zusammen gekommen und nuee aspekte von Weihnachts Poprock lieder gesungen.  Hier in CHateauneuf aufgenommen und produziert, ist der CD jetzt für Weihnachten erhältbar, die Erlöse geht zu Nana Recover your smile. .  Der CD Kann mann über Chateau Neuf auch als Download Kaufen :

Hanzis new CD "Busking Münchner Freiheit" will be available from November 12th 2015

The Release Party will be at the PUB, Göthe Straße 2 Eching.   He will be playing some of the CD as well as other songs in Busker Style.

More information over Facebook Chateau Neuf Studios web page

New CD For the Klinik Clowns

Hans Field of Chateau Neuf Studio had an Idea for charity.   That was to get as many together who would like to sing on an Album, and to be recorded to create a charity album together.   Everyone that came at odd times learned their favourite song and we recorded it through the winter months.  The result was fantastic and with 250 copies produced, these were sold within a month to make over 1000€ for the charity.