HanZiF Built Guitars

  Hans Field


                                                                        Untere Hauptstrasse 9, 85386 Eching

Latest Products -  Custom Built Guitars by HanZiF

Chateau Neuf Studios are now able to offer Custom Built Guitars and Basses by HanZiF.  Basic Guitars are Strat, Tele,  SC, and later on a new Jazz Guitar Based on prefrabricated Kits.  Prices start from 120€ and you are welcome to come yround to the Studio to Try them Out.

Basses are currently limited to Precision Based Basses, Prices starting at 150€ per Item.   

All guitars can be specially Designed, or Basic Woodgrain Laquered (10 Layers).

HanZiF Stratocaster

Custom Replicate

Hand Finished by HanZi

Price €120,00

HanZiF Precision Bass

Custom REplicate

Hand Finished by HanZiF

Price 150,00