Chateau Neuf Studio

  Hans Field


                                                                        Untere Hauptstrasse 9, 85386 Eching

A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians.

Frank Zappa

Brief Equipment List

  • Tascam 24 Track DP24 recorder
  • Fostex 8 track MP8 portable recorder
  • Fostex handheld stereo recorder
  • T-bone Bottle voice Mike
  • Sennheiser voice mike
  • Fostex theater mikes
  • Yamaha Tyros Backing track maker
  • Kork M1x Pad synth
  • M-Audio Venon Analog Synth
  • Zoom Rythmtrack RT 223
  • Akai MPX15 Sampler
  • Vocalist Live 3
  • Various Guitars
  • Various Bass instruments

Chateau Neuf Studio provides Recording Services to all who would like to make their demo track or cd, from would like to be musicians, to amateur musicians or  pro musicians.  Theater groups can benefit from a vast range of effects sounds in our libraries or create new effects.  Music and Sound effects are also created at Chateau Neuf for many small film studios.

We offer a friendly, comfortable but chaotic location to chill out and record music and sounds

The Coffee is free .... But watch out for the Whisky

Greetings.   Hans "HanZiF" Field

Special Offer for 2019

For artists creating Demo Disks

We at Chateau Neuf are offerering the chance of Single Musicians to record with us. CUrrently on offer is a couple of days recording and mastering, plus the production of small run Demo CD's from €350 Euros complete.

Prices as follows (Up to 10 tracks):

2 days recording and Mastering to 50 CD's €350.00

2 days recording and Mastering to 100 CD's €450,00

each additional person €50

per 100 additional CD's €100 (even after the session as Masters are Kept indefinately)

We aim to keep it simple.


Wir Digitalisieren Ihre Alte VHS Videos.

Pro VHS Band €25

Studio Prices

  • Recording time per person per hour        25€
  • Production time per started hour               25€
  • CD Mastering per started hour                  25€
  • Backing track creation per hour                25€
  • Creation of 25 CD's including blanks      50€                                   

CD Production

Price per CD Including disk

  • Up to 100 CD's                                             1,00€
  • Up to 250 CD's                                             0,90€
  • over 250  CD's                                              0,80€

DVD Productions

Price per DVD Including disk

  • up tp 50 DVD's                                           1,50€
  • up to 250 DVD's                                        1,30€
  • Over 250 DVD's                                         1,20€

Blue Ray  Disks     per disk                                  2,50€